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October 28 2019


October 27 2019

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October 26 2019


TIL that my troop number is a real zipcode.

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So if you’re from Roe, Arkansas or Aberdeen Arkansas, my daisy/brownie troop would love to be pen pals with your troop!

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October 25 2019


[Guide & Resources] How to make good looking fan cards, for the absolute noob. TLDR at bottom for the more computer savvy.

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The card we will be making in this guide as an example

Art used made by Qifeng Lin

I don't have any coding skills so I wasn't able to shape this into a program or website, but I have done everything in my power to make card concepts as easy as possible to create with this guide.

Also this will be focused on making Unit cards, I can make a spell card version in the future if there is demand for it.

Things you will need

  • GIMP, a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, so everyone can get it. Download and install the latest version.

  • BeaufortForLOL font, one of Riot's fonts that they use on cards. I got it here within the last week. You will want to scroll down a bit and find This on the left hand side, select the TTF option only, and click the download button. This popup will appear, all 3 download buttons here are exactly the same, I just used the first one. Find the zipped file in your downloads folder. Right click and Extract it to its own folder. Open the folder. Open "Beaufort for LOL Bold". Right click on the .TTF file, and Install for all users.

  • My card making template file for GIMP. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sXdBrZaClfTquf1-V4cQsf8q8yo1QZHm


Adding a picture. (The hardest part)

• Step 1. Open my Card Template on GIMP. It should look similar to This

• Step 2. Find a picture for the card you want, for this example we will use Evelynn because we need to keep you degenerates focused somehow. Type what you are looking for into google images. Look for an image that is artistic and makes the mods question whether it should be removed or if it's just accurate to Riot's lore and official art. Yes, that one.

• Step 3. Right click and copy the image. Open gimp again and press [Ctrl]+[V] to paste it. You may get something looking strange like this That is fine, the important part is seeing a "pasted layer" in the layers list at the bottom right. Right click on it and select "To new layer".

• Step 4. Select the Move Tool and drag the image to where you want the focus to be. Then you can use the Scale Tool to resize it. Click on the image with the tool, change the scale option to Percent to easily keep things in proportion, and then type in the percentage you think you need. For my image I used 50.00 and 50.00 for width and length and it turned out great. If you are not happy with the scale, press [Ctrl]+[Z] to undo and try again with different numbers. After scaling, use the Move Tool again to adjust the image into the correct position.

• Step 5. Click and drag the image layer all the way down to the bottom in the layer list. There are many layers so you might have to keep dragging it down till you get to the bottom.

The rest of the card

Right now, your screen should look something like This. An image, some numbers, a blank name, and an image layer at the bottom of the layer list.

• Step 1. Select what kind of unit you want. A follower, a base champion or a leveled champion. For this example I will choose, a champion that has leveled up. So I go over to my layer list, and look for the layer called "Lvld Champ Border", hover over it and click the box on the left, making it visible and gaining an eye icon on the layer.

• Step 2. Deciding on a faction. Evelynn is a demon that roams runeterra and has done so before the shadow isles existed if I'm not mistaken. From what I remember about her lore she is currently situated in Demacia so I will go with Demacia for this example. Look for the layer called "Demacia Faction" and just like with the border step, click on the left box to Make it visible. As you can see, Evelynn has successfully gotten a new tattoo from this.

• Step 3. Deciding on the unit's stats, and name. Scroll to the top of the layer list. You will see a few layers that are visible, representing the numbers and name placement. Right click on any you want to change, and select Edit text on canvas. This will also change the name of the layer so don't be confused by that. Keep in mind, unit names are in all caps. I'll change the other stats to better fit the mid-game assassin she is in LoL. Now she would have been 6/2 pre-lvl'd Maybe not the most balanced thing, but this guide is about card looks, the stats and abilities are up to you to decide.

• Step 4. Passives. I think Evelynn should definitely have Elusive, and maybe quick attack. First we will go with just Elusive. So you go to the layer list and look for the layer "Elusive Only" and make it visible.. But wait, I changed my mind, I have decided to use both Elusive and Quick Attack. So I deselect Elusive Only, and Select Quick Attack and Elusive in the layer list. Some of the effects will be on the left, and some on the right. If both you want are on one side, use the Move Tool we used earlier to move one into the second position. If you want 3 or more effects, you will have to use the Move Tool to spread them out as well. Make sure you have clicked on the layer you wish to move.

• Step 5. Unit text. I've decided I want Evelynn to snowball hard, and her unique ability will be getting +1/+0 after a Nexus strike. So I go to the layer tab, and make "Card Text" visible. Like with the other text, I right click on the layer and "Edit text on canvas". Nexus strike is an effect, so it will use the yellow effect color, I will edit that part of the text to say Nexus strike. I will then add the rest of the text in the white, and remove the blue as no card is affected by this passive.

Finishing touches

Now we will clean up the look of the card to make it more presentable.

• Step 1. I notice my Elusive Icon is slightly more to the left than it should be. You can use the Move Tool to adjust it, but I will use another method to guarantee my effects are centered. Once the effects have the spacing you would like, drag the layer of one so that it is directly above or below the layer of the other. I decided to take my Quick Attack and drag it to above my Elusive. Right click on the top layer, and select Merge Down. This will fuse your active effects into one Layer. Use the Alignment Tool to center your combined effects layer

• Step 2. Cropping the card. As you will have noticed, the image spills out behind the card, we are going to take care of that. Click on the Image Layer (Last layer where you put your picture). Select the "Rectangle Select Tool" and Click and Drag a box from the lower right corner edge of the border (easiest place to start) and create a box that only touches the border surrounding the image. Right click on the selected area, Click on Selection, Click on Invert.. Now press the delete button on your keyboard. This will have deleted the outside of the selected area on the image layer, and should give you this now cropped image

• Step 3. Adding a blur to the lower half to make the text easier to read. Click on the image layer (last one) and select "Duplicate Layer". Make sure no area is still selected by the previous step, you can do this by selecting the Rectangle Select Tool and simply clicking (not dragging) on the screen. Select the copy of the image layer, Select Filters, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Default is 1.5, set it to 2.5 by clicking the up arrow. and then click OK. Right click on the blurred layer, and select "Add layer mask" and click OK. We will come back to this later, don't worry.

• Step 4. Adjusting the text of the card. I should have done this part earlier and forgot, so we are doing it now (and it's a requirement before continuing with the previous part). As you can see, there is empty space on our card at the bottom that shouldn't be there, extra room for text that is going unused. First we want to keep all our card info over the image (The card name, effects, and passive text) aligned. So much like with the effects (Elusive and Quick Attack) earlier we are going to combine them into one layer. Drag the active text layer (which was renamed to the text we put in), and the active effects layer(s) under the Card Name layer (now named "Evelynn") at the top. Like So to get this. Then, right click on the Card Name Layer and Merge Down. Do the same with the text layer onto your effects if your unit has effects. Leaving you with a combined layer of Name, text and effects, as seen here. Use the Move Tool, on the layer to position it lower, to get rid of the unused space. The merge allows us to move it all together

• Step 5. Blur part 2. Scroll all the way down in your layer list and select the blurred layer again (second from the bottom), you will notice a green border around the picture on this layer unlike others (from the layer mask we added earlier). Select the Gradient Tool on the left, make sure it is on Linear shape. Click and drag from just below the name, in a straight line upwards, about 3 card names thick. Set the foreground color to black. In the "Start Endpoint" box that appears, change the selectable option if the one you are on isn't working for you. Right click on the layer, and select, Apply Layer Mask.

Saving your creation

Do not click save, or save as.

This will overwrite the template you just used and after merging some of those template layers and moving them around, you'd rather not lose that for future cards you may want to make.

Click File, Export As, and then export it in the file type you want, and where you want it saved. Finalize the export and press Ok.

Find the exported file, and upload it it reddit.

Computer Savvy tldr.

Step 0. If you get stuck, find the part you are stuck on above, if you are still stuck, leave me a comment and I'll reply as soon as I see it.

  1. Find a picture and paste it into GIMP, make it the lowest layer.
  2. Find the layers relevant to what you want and make them visible. such as the relevant faction and border.
  3. Edit the text templates with the information you want.

HTML text color codes:

Effect Yellow: f9d55a Level up brown: df9a70 Card Blue: 49a0f8 Plain Text white: ffffff

Text font: Arial. Size: Make it fit, 12 is nice for less text.

  1. Crop the outside of the picture so that it doesn't flow over the borders.
  2. Space the internal components adequately.
  3. Blur the lower half of the image so that the text is more readable.
  4. Save and upload.
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October 24 2019


Bmac what's shaking?

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My buddy bailed for 11/5 at Nassau. I have an extra ga floor for you if you can make it, saw you had work issues in another post though... On me of course for all the love you bring to the community. Hollar at me if interested.

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Y’all - Touch of Grey is pretty great song

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I wasn’t a deadhead when it came out, but I knew a bunch of them, and I remember how they’d roll their eyes when it came on the radio, and all the derision towards “touch heads”, but every now and then it’s just the perfect song for the moment.

The shift from “I will get by” to “We will get by” inspires me to remember that we’re always going to need to lean on people to get through things, and together we keep on trucking.

What’s some of your favorite Touch of Grey performances?

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LoR launcher causing problems to LoL launcher?

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After installing LoR to play the last day of preview I got problems when launching LoL. It will open but go on a black screen where on the top right corner I can see the ? - X and the wheel but the rest of the screen stays black and after a while it just says "There was an unexpected problem try again".

Have Rito created an unexpected problem by trying to have one launcher for the both of them?

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October 23 2019


What was your favorite deck from the test period?

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I, like most of us here, have fallen in love with this game and tried a handful of decks over the weekend. My favorites ended up being Yasuo/Zed (Ionia/Noxus) and Lucian/Braum (Demacia/Freljord). I tried out a Lucian deck with Shadow Isles but couldn't quite make it work. I also built Fiora/Shen to see how it played but didn't like it.

What was your favorite deck of the weekend? Decklists welcome!

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You guys (and girls hopefully) are as my son would say “da bomb. “

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughtful recommendations. 🐝

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October 22 2019

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