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September 27 2019


September 26 2019

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Idea: if you get to the 5th game of your promos silver scrapes should play during champ select

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Title. It's a great song and would be a good way to get you pumped to close it out your series promo. Ranked is stressful for a lot of people so something like this would add a little bit of reward for making it to 5 games. Not to mention a nice "Easter egg" for those of us who watch the pro scene (I know not everybody does)

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Discussion Thread: Acting DNI Maguire Testifies on Whistleblower Complaint, 9am EDT

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Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on the process & handling of a whistleblower complaint involving President Trump.

Watch the hearing live, on C-Span

Watch live on PBS

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September 24 2019


September 23 2019


[Offline][5e] D&D on a cruise?

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Feels like a bit of a strange one, but I’ll be on a Royal Caribbean cruise out of Galveston starting Nov 20 for 5 days. Posting on the small chance that there is someone else on the same sailing interested in a one shot over a night or two.

I’ll be there with a friend, so we’d probably need two or three more people - neither of our wives seem interested in playing.

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September 21 2019


September 20 2019


Any good stormlight nsfw fanfic out there?

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Not just plain nsfw but well written subplots that don't necessarily have to be romantic but just step over boundaries and have fun with it.

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September 19 2019


The Paladin Problem

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Disclaimer: I hate paladins and dont think they should exist

Now that that is out of the way, Avernus is all about Devils trying to corrupt you enough to where you die and your soul goes to the hells and they get a notch on their belt. A lawful good paladin will of course say "I will NEVER sign a contract with a devil"

What are good mechanisms to corrupt LG characters? Especially those of divine persuasion

Edit: Why would you downvote someone asking this question - really nice community effort to help each other. AND To be clear this would be more how to have a player who states "My PC would rather die than sign any contract with a Devil."

"Sign the contract that is 1 gold for a piece of rope!" -Guy hanging from cliff

"No my friend! When we meet in heaven you'll thank me for guarding your soul!" - Paladin

*wilhelm scream* fuck youuuuuuuuuuu

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September 17 2019


September 13 2019


September 11 2019

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