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September 08 2019


September 07 2019


September 04 2019


Florence Howard elementary

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Today there was a lock down at the school and officers were present. No one is at the school to answer my questions as to what happened and the non-emergency line is telling us to talk to the school. Fortunately we are moving out of state for work and don’t have to deal with the BS this school has been pulling since day 1. I guess I am mostly here to rant but also to ask:

Has anybody heard anything about this? Any info would be appreciated and you’d be helping out more than the PD and the school.

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September 03 2019


September 02 2019


Evil Campaign co-players finally got the joke ... right before I wrecked the game

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For the last several months I have been part of an evil 5e campaign playing a Goliath Barbarian named Feignaz who happened to have a horribly stereotypical Russian accent.

Feignaz was pretty much left out of the majority of backstabbing and plots against other players as he was considered the big dumb muscle that everyone loved. He had great oneliners, pulled more than his weight in battles, etc.

Last night in the game our DM said was the finale, the party (most of whom were on their third or fourth characters by this time), managed to climb the stairs to the seat of Eternal Creation with the Sword of Light on their mission to destroy it in the name of some extra-dimensional evil that promised all of them a place in its new universe. Just as this was about to happen, Feignaz turns to the party's Rogue who he had struck up a friendship with (and kept from dying since session one) and says:

"We are ... bad guys?"

At this point, the Rogue's player looked at me, and his eyes widened. "Holy shit you were playing a Street Fighter character this whole time?!"

I smile and in character he answers yes ... since everyone else was districted (in-game) they were all caught off guard when Feignaz went into rage and killed all of them ... well, except the Rogue since they were friends.

The DM couldn't stop laughing and thought it was the perfect ending, the Rogue looted all of his former friends and retired to a nearby town where he started an inn (and secret assassin training school) ... everyone else: not too happy but still said is was a perfect "long game" joke.

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August 31 2019


Any links to the 2019 Lockn set?

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Does it typically take a while for tapes or links of the Lockn shows to be released? This years show was crazy good and I’d love to hear that 🔥 second set once again! ✌🏽

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Follow your lead.

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If you were just made Commander of The Chain, what is the first big change or action you would take?

We're all junior officers, right? Gotta think of the future.

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August 30 2019


Listening to Europe '72 for the first time

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I only saw the light of The Dead at the beginning of the summer despite growing up with a deadhead dad, so my transition is new but has been relatively quick. I was too hooked on late '70s and late '80s shows to venture into Europe '72 until today. I just listened to Morning Dew from London '72 and... oh my god. Transcendent. Not much more to say. Just wanted to share and help others relive the moments that they first heard these magical licks

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Crit or Fumble?

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Hi All,

Its that time again! Every 2 months, we ask that you lend us your thoughts.

The purpose of this thread is to solicit feedback from the community about the state of the sub.

• What are we doing right?

• What are we doing wrong?

• What could we do better?

• What do you think of the monthly Events?

• Suggestions for other mod-sponsored-content?

Thanks all!

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August 28 2019


Science of Happiness badge

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Hi all, my 2 girls have created a short survey related to their Science of Happiness badge and I was hoping g to drum up some takers.

It's only about a minute long, please consider helping them out. Thank you in advance.


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Garcia w/ Hunter, Sleepy Hallow Log Stompers, Hart Valley Drifters, Wildwood Boys, Sara Garcia, Black Mountain Boys & Asphalt Jungle Mountain Boys

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The recordings, probably 1961-64 are so much fun. Mostly groups of friends, lots of talking, sing alongs. It’s before the hippie movement, so it’s a bunch of Beats & Folkies. It’s just so so good.

FREE if you have Amazon Prime!

JG Before the Dead

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August 27 2019

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