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May 28 2019


May 24 2019


May 22 2019


May 17 2019


May 14 2019


May 12 2019


Thinking about starting Adventure League at my LGS

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I've been tossing up the idea for awhile of starting an Adventure League at my LGS and I'm mostly just curious what I would be getting myself into? I'm in a position where I can happily offer myself for the same time each week and I feel would be a competent enough DM but I don't want to dive into this headfirst something I'm not ready for.

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May 11 2019


May 09 2019


May 08 2019


May 06 2019


What can I eat more to make my pussy smell and taste nicer?

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As title says. What should I incorporate more of into my diet? Or rather - what should I avoid?

Edit: I have questions asking what it smells/tastes like - there actually is no problem at all, just wondering if I could become even YUMMIER. 😛

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May 03 2019


April 29 2019


April 25 2019


I’m looking for a well rounded party build based off of Mystery Incorporated for NPCs

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Shaggy and Scooby seem the easiest (Beastmaster Ranger), but I’m struggling for the rest of the group. Any help?

Edit: forgot to tag. DnD 5e.

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Give me your Necromancer builds!

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Topic really. I am currently DMing a game where I have developed a Dragonborn Necromancer that my PCs are interacting with as a buddy (because even though he's working to become a lich, they still like him???) and I am interested in turning this NPC into a PC when I am a player again.

All content is open besides Homebrew, with the only caveat being he must be a Dragonborn. I also am not a huge fan of Wizard, but I could be convinced to play one. I really like the Undying Warlock, but the class itself is just so... lame and behind the power curve IMO.

My other options right now are a Death Cleric and an Oathbreaker Paladin, but I don't really see this character as a melee person, though I could be persuaded.

What would your ideal Dragonborn Necromancer look like for 5e?

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April 24 2019


Got any sorcerer spells that scream, "I'm evil"

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Making a 10th level sorcerer for a one shot

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Best Builds to Exploit Elven Accuracy?

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Trying to figure out how to utilize the Elven Accuracy Feat from Xanathar's. I was thinking a Battlemaster Fighter with a Hexblade 1 or 3 dip, although I wasn't sure which. Also, if taken to 3, I don't know what pact to take. Blade allows access to far superior weaponry, but chain allows way easier access to advantage without having to expend superiority dice.

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April 23 2019

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