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Help me decide my support?

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Hey I wanted to make a support class that will help my wife’s champion pam gwp fighter.

For flavour I have to be kobold. Just our backstory. But I be interested in knowing what race you guys think would work best as a support?

Anyways it’s a descent into avernus campaign.

I wanted to go either:

Forge cleric 1, mastermind rogue 3, Druid grass 5, to give +1 weapon, help bonus action, and haste.

So character won’t really come online until 8. But can be quite useful at 4.

Or should I forego the Druid and go more into forge cleric so I can give elemental weapon, or even magic weapon +2 later on?

I can’t think of a better option than mastermind rogue for giving advantage consistently other than wolf totem barbarian but that makes me very frontline.

Anyways tell me what you guys think and what you would build for a character in avernus to help make a fighter even more deadly!

Edit: hey yall got a lot of insight many thanks! Seems like the consensus is the 3 rogue dip is a bad idea. Got a lot of good ideas and I’m now leaning more towards order cleric, or a artillerist or a Druid or bard! Or some sort of that mix!

Thanks !

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