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Elusive is only the symptom, the real problem is lack of interaction due to initial card pool.

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Elusive is a pain, especially in limited, but it can be manageable. The issue becomes when you combine it with abilities that have no interaction or counter play.

Mentoring cards in your hand is so safe there is no reason not to do it. It creates units with inherent flaws in power or defense and turns it into a strength for a low cost. Forced discard would be something that massively helps.

Burst is a cool mechanic (similar to split-second in MTG) but the low cost and efficient use of it takes the weakness of elusive units away. They become pretty damn good blockers early on. I would love to see "burst: destroy an x unit with elusive" x being cost, power, something.

Exiling something in a graveyard can add counterplay against some full etherial decks. Some units can keep coming back for more and there should be some way to remove single target problems.

Anyway those are my quick thoughts on some interaction that could be added. Targeted discard, burst kill on elusive, or another way to interact with some abilities that have no counterplay.

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