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Does playing cithria of cloudfield make anyone else really happy?

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Cithria of Cloudfield is quickly becoming one of my favorite cards. She’s just so positive and generous. Practically costs nothing at all at one mana you drop her on the board and that chill ass motherfucker gives you a crazy statline to trade efficiently later in the game. And you also get this adorable young woman surrounded by troops in Demacia for the enlarged attack card art speaking of which she can also force early attacks with no drawbacks and is usually too tough to answer.

But more than Cithria is just so positive. She comes on the board like "New recruit reporting in!" and I'm like "yeah Cithria welcome to the army let's do this shit" and when she attacks she's like "I’ll do my best!" and I'm like "yeah you will do you BEST." She doesn't say some bullshit macho shit like "I will destroy you" she's just like "nah I’ll do my best" And she looks so ready. I mean she is just a lone girl that has probably been drafted into the army. She understands that her life may not be long and she could die any moment but she’s just so fucking ready to fight. I mean look at her face she's just so invested.

I am literally never sad when Cithria is on board. IDK if she's gonna make it into the metagame or not but for now she a pretty chill card

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