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How much money am I contributing to the Chinese economy by purchasing Riot products?

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I posted this question in the LoR sub but the mod said it would be more appropriate here.

Hi, sorry for the provocative title, but I'm genuinely curious about this and have very little knowledge of macroeconomics.

I know that Riot is a company based in America, but it is wholly owned by Tencent, a Chinese company. If I spend a dollar on LoR, how much of that money will be going to China vs the US?

I thought the answer to this would be pretty simple--it's a Chinese company, so the money would go to China--but I've heard random anecdotes about it being better for the American economy to buy Japanese brand cars than American because they're manufactured in the US, whereas many American brands are not. Obviously Riot is a software company and therefore doesn't have much consumer manufacturing, so I don't know how relevant that anecdote is here.

If this isn't the right sub for this question, please point me in the correct direction.

Before you say things like "well I hope you don't have a smartphone because it was made in China," please note that there is a world of difference in how necessary a smartphone is to my daily life, compared to a digital card game. I have much greater freedom of choice here.

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