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I think Vlad/Braum is an Underplayed Deck that has a lot of nuance.

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The deck I've by far been playing the most is a Vlad/Braum deck that centers around self-damage and aggression. I would say it a midrange deck at the aggressive spectrum, and has a lot of potential that I haven't seen tapped at all on ladder.

Decklist: CEBAEAIBBEXAKAIDAUDB4MBSAICACAIKBULCGBIBAMOSAKZPGQAQCAIDCY 2x Blade's Edge (1) 2x Omen Hawk (1) 2x Unscarred Reaver (1) 3x Crimson Aristocrat (2) 3x Crimson Disciple (2) 3x Death Lotus (2) 2x Blood Transfusion (2) 2x Blood for Blood (3) 3x Braum (3) 3x Crimson Curator (3) 1x Noxian Guillotine (3) 3x Take Heart (3) 2x Bloodsworn Pledge (4) 2x Crimson Awakener (4) 2x Legion Veteran (4) 3x Vladimir (5) 2x Scarmother Vrynna (6) 


I came across this deck by noticing that that Vlad has amazing synergy with Braum. Vlad works best with self-damaging minions that survive and Braum is a minion that survives after taking repeated hits. Upgraded Braum also has a "when survives" effect which works very well with Vlad's ability. Furthermore Take Heart is an absurdly strong buff that works in a multitude of situations.

The Crimson package is your core followers. Crimson Curator is your main advantage tool that allows you to out-resource your opponents by having consistent minion generation. The rest of the Crimson package are general all-purpose minions that push the synergies throughout your entire deck.

Blade's Edge and Death Lotus are very effective removal tools that also activate your self-harm synergies. Pinging off a crucial target is a necessity in a lot of cases such as against Teemo or when the enemy believes they are making an advantageous trade.

Noxian Guilotine is a very strong removal tool that gives an out against a board full of huge minions that have likely taken damage from your spells or minions. I considered adding another one, but I didn't know what I would cut out.

The Freljord package of Scarmother Vrynna and Unscarred Reaver are both your reward cards once you have the synergies in place to activate them. They can push for an insane amount of damage when your opponent is not expecting it. I considered putting in Scarthane Steffen, but during the point in the game I felt like I had other better plays. Omen Hawk is the perfect 1-drop you always want to see in your opening hand. I can't tell how many games I've won by simply playing a 3/4 Crimson Disciple to control the board early.

I really recommend you guys trying out this deck, I feel like there is so much untapped potential here.

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