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DDAL perks for Extra Life donations! (aka Shameless Self Promotion!)

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Given my current tiny obsession with Untitled Goose Game, I've added another DDAL reward to my Extra Life Campaign, for an Untitled Goose Cert, aka a chaotic goose animal companion/familiar.


I've ALSO added the glitter elemental, and two more Bork!, Unicorn, and Our Lady of Sparkles warlock pact certificates.

Overview of offerings:

-- Cozy Cardigan of Make-Believe
-- Untitled Goose Cert
-- Sparkle companion
-- Colorful animal friends
-- Blink pupper
-- Super rainbow flying powers
-- Fancy design-your-own animal friend
-- Pact of the Swedish Chef (unlocks The Chef from Minsc & Boo's Stuff and Things as AL-legal warlock patron) (2 available)
-- Pact of the Unicorn (Still a work in progress but let's put the pressure on to finish it up) (2 available)
-- Pact of Our Lady of Sparkles (I will personally act as your warlock patron) (5 available)

Still to come:
-- DDAO-38 The Green Isle via Roll20 (I'm still sorting out Roll20 while waiting on commissioned art assets)!

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