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Give me your Necromancer builds!

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Topic really. I am currently DMing a game where I have developed a Dragonborn Necromancer that my PCs are interacting with as a buddy (because even though he's working to become a lich, they still like him???) and I am interested in turning this NPC into a PC when I am a player again.

All content is open besides Homebrew, with the only caveat being he must be a Dragonborn. I also am not a huge fan of Wizard, but I could be convinced to play one. I really like the Undying Warlock, but the class itself is just so... lame and behind the power curve IMO.

My other options right now are a Death Cleric and an Oathbreaker Paladin, but I don't really see this character as a melee person, though I could be persuaded.

What would your ideal Dragonborn Necromancer look like for 5e?

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