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March 31 2020


March 30 2020


Help me understand Sneak Attack

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I as a DM struggle with how to understand Sneak Attack, because I understand the rules but I don't grasp the mechanics. As such, I can't really help the party-rogue in how and when to apply it.

A rogue can? / has ? / always does ? sneak attack when his attack with a ranged or finesse weapons hits and he fullfils one of two conditions:

  1. he has advantage2) an ally is within 5 feet of the enemy he attacked.


  • is sneak attack "just" extra damage? He hits, meets one of two conditions and rolls xd6 to add to damage?
  • OR is sneak attack something like a bonus action or a reaction. Does the rogue choose whether to sneak attack or not because he wants to save his bonus actions or reaction (whichever it is) for something else?


edit 2

This post turned into pure gold for me and I really really really learned a lot. Thanks a million, guys!
You should really try to read the post in it's entirety but if you want a quick answer, check out

But really: many many many others are writing very interesting things below. check it out!


edit 1: [I wrote my rant when this post was still a baby and 25-ish people just downvoted the question without offering a word of advice]

I have to rant!WHY! WHY is this downvoted? This is a honest question by a new non-English speaking DM who asks for a simple clarification about an important class defining rule he does not understand and you circlejerkers deem it necessary to downvote this.

Honestly, try to justify your downvote to me because the description for r/DMAcademy is literally: a place to ask questions - new and experienced

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March 27 2020


Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

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I had to walk to the pharmacy a few days ago, and found myself singing Ripple pretty loud to keep myself chill and maybe lighten someone else’s day if they heard me.

Today, I’m basically listening to every heady He’s Gone I can find.

Which songs have you been turning to for strength and calm during this time?

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March 26 2020


March 25 2020


March 24 2020


March 23 2020


[Let’s build] 100 nudie mag titles for birdfolk

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We just started a new campaign, and my Aarakocra just ransacked a dead kenku’s cabin and found his collection of birdfolk nudie mags. I told the dm I took them all and left the cabin without trying to find the item I was there for in the first place.

Now I need a list of titles just in case I get asked about them in game.

Here’s what I have so far: - 1 Hens, Hens, Hens - 2 Barely Legal Chicks - 3 Cock of the Walk - 4 Rooster Tails - 5 Spread Eagle - 6 All White Meat - 7 Woodpeckers Monthly - 8 Hot Wings swimsuit edition - 9 Down Going Down

Edit: Community Contributions: - 10 Two Tits 'n a Bush - 11 Cloaca and Dagger - 12 Gulls, Gulls, Gulls - 13 Tail Feathers - 14 Rare Plumage - 15 The Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds of North America - 16 Feathered Fancies - 17 Hens Gone Wild - 18 Loose Layers - 19 Chicks Galore - 20 Birds of Paradise - 21 Blue-Footed Boobies - 22 Booby Traps - 23 Jaybirds, from the expression "naked as a jaybird". - 24 HenHouse - 25 Red Breasts - 26 Naughty Nocturnals - 27 Untitled Goose Magazine - 28 Big Black Cloaca - 29 Peacocks - 30 Fucks with Ducks - 31 Plucked! - 32 Wet n Foul - 33 Big Breasted Nestwifes - 34 Hooters - 35 Hard Woodpeckers - 36 Pigeon Holes - 37 Good for the Gander - 38 Downy - 39 Fleshy Comb's - 40 Simply Silkie - 41 Youcan Toucan - 42 Horny Horny Hornbills - 43 Foul Fowl (I'm thinking of a Hustler type) - 44 Big Ducks - 45 Ruffled Feathers - 46 2 cans - 47 Sea Gals - 48 Swallow Magazine - 49 Dirty Falcon - 50 Noody Mag - 51 Peeking ducks - 52 Bird's eye view - 53 Honey eaters - 54 Willy wag-tails - 55 Night parrot - 56 Swallows nest - 57 The spruce goose - 58 Many layers - 59 Bald eagles - 60 Dixie chick - 61 Landing strip - 62 Brooding boobies - 63 Blue-tits - 64 Which came first - 65 Fresh eggs - 66 Tarred & feathered (kinky) - 67 Feathered nest - 68 Flaps - 69 Beating wings - 70 Nesting nightjars - 71 Flightless - 72 Painted tallons - 73 Clipped wings - 74 Plucked - 75 Feathered friends - 76 Birds and bee's - 77 Little birdie - 78 Tweety bird - 79 Cosmopolitan - 80 Playbird - 81 Morning Woodpecker - 82 Peep Show - 83 Legs and Thighs

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March 21 2020


March 18 2020


COVID-19 closures

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Rather than try to duplicate a lot of work that's being done, here's a link to a FB group created to track everything that is being closed or modified during the pandemic:


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March 17 2020


UMC closing doors because of virus

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Email text from the Bishop, the United Methodist Church is closing the church's doors in response to virus.

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March 16 2020


Shakedown Street Is Open: Sling Yer Wares Here (product thread 3/16/20)

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Post yer shirts, yer stickers, your girlfriend's pottery with a Stealie bolt on it, whatever you got, put it here.

The only restrictions are obvious:

  • nothing political - no exceptions - we're keeping a friendly vibe here and that's part of the reason
  • no blatant/direct copyright ripoffs
  • nothing gross or offensive

Anything posted outside of this thread is getting nuked.

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Prepare yourself

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You’re going to have to accept it. There will be all kinds of awesome stuff when this thing ends. The CDC suggesting that any event over 50 people be canceled for two months is just the first action. I don’t want to be an asshole but this is going to be historical event for the entire world that will last for several months. Stay away from people and check in on your friends and family. Peace and Love.

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March 15 2020


If you wanting to move your games to roll20/discord due to recent world events and need help, let me know.

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If you are new to Roll20 and want to move your game there comment here. I will walk you through setting up a game, making chars, maps and rolls, using roll20 for music or using syrinscape (what I use), discord for chat (and why we use that), as well as recording your session, making maps (wonderdraft) and using online resources for sharing content with players (worldanvil).

I have three years of DM'ing on roll20 and am pretty good at it.

Edit: Here is a playlist I made on how to setup roll20 from scratch https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBwSIBMiBempsZu8xudBXCXf2Q37U0hy0

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