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April 29 2019


April 25 2019


I’m looking for a well rounded party build based off of Mystery Incorporated for NPCs

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Shaggy and Scooby seem the easiest (Beastmaster Ranger), but I’m struggling for the rest of the group. Any help?

Edit: forgot to tag. DnD 5e.

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Give me your Necromancer builds!

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Topic really. I am currently DMing a game where I have developed a Dragonborn Necromancer that my PCs are interacting with as a buddy (because even though he's working to become a lich, they still like him???) and I am interested in turning this NPC into a PC when I am a player again.

All content is open besides Homebrew, with the only caveat being he must be a Dragonborn. I also am not a huge fan of Wizard, but I could be convinced to play one. I really like the Undying Warlock, but the class itself is just so... lame and behind the power curve IMO.

My other options right now are a Death Cleric and an Oathbreaker Paladin, but I don't really see this character as a melee person, though I could be persuaded.

What would your ideal Dragonborn Necromancer look like for 5e?

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April 24 2019


Got any sorcerer spells that scream, "I'm evil"

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Making a 10th level sorcerer for a one shot

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Best Builds to Exploit Elven Accuracy?

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Trying to figure out how to utilize the Elven Accuracy Feat from Xanathar's. I was thinking a Battlemaster Fighter with a Hexblade 1 or 3 dip, although I wasn't sure which. Also, if taken to 3, I don't know what pact to take. Blade allows access to far superior weaponry, but chain allows way easier access to advantage without having to expend superiority dice.

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April 23 2019


Have you used a threesome dating app?

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Hello! I'm a journalist writing a story about people who've used dating apps for the purpose of having a threesome (or any kind of group arrangement). Whether it's an app/site like Feeld, 3Somer, Reddit, Tinder, or something else, I'm looking for people—whether with your partner while in a relationship or as a single person—who would like to talk about their experiences using these apps. You can, of course, be anonymous. The article is essentially about the success of these apps and how well they actually work.

I'm wanting to explore things along the lines of how many IRL dates the app led to for you, what those experiences have been like, and what makes a couple/individual appealing on a threesome app, as well as what some red flags/turn-offs might be. I will not be using any responses from the general discussion that may take place below without receiving permission to do so. If you're able to help me, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a private message with your thoughts and we can chat further. Again, you can be anonymous! Thanks so much.

EDIT: Thank you so much to those of you who reached out and took the time to offer your insight and thoughtful responses. They're a huge addition to the story! Will share the link as soon as it runs.

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April 21 2019


[Offline] [5e] [Prattville, Alabama]

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I am putting together an offline group for D&D 5th Edition. We will be starting with either the Hunt for the Thessalhydra or Lost Mines of Phandelver before moving on to a player driven homebrew campaign.

PM me anytime if you are interested.

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April 19 2019


[Offline][LFP][Birmingham, AL][5e] [D&D] Game starting in May

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Looking for a group to start playing in May. We can all work together to figure out when would be the best time. This will be a twice monthly game as I realize that we all have other life obligations (it also gives me time to plan the next session), again we can work as a group to figure out the best days to play. As for location, we can either play at home or possibly in the conference room at my office.

I've got a plan for an Eberron 5E campaign. I have a master account on DnDBeyond.com so no need to worry about being new or not having the books. I also have plenty of dice although I always encourage everyone to have their own. It has been about 2 years since I have been a DM. I do encourage the use of dndbeyond at the table to manage your character sheets.

Already have one experienced player that will be playing. Would prefer a group that is mature and will stay away from controversial adult themes (I'm not going to play out weird sex scenes at the table) but don't have a min/max age. I'm going to cap the group at 5 players figuring that one person will always be absent as is the way of our people.

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Gravlev is so much better in 3.5!

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I always hated the way Gravlev worked in previous patches. But this time, it feels so fluid and easy. I dont feel like I am going to hit protrusions as much as before. I wonder though, are they using the invisible wheel like other games? I know they mentioned in a tech video that they were trying to go for more realism and not have the bikes roll around on invisible wheels. Anyone know what tech they are using?

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April 18 2019


April 17 2019


April 16 2019


Riot Logo and Flair Change

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Riot Games has just changed their logo, and as such, we have updated the Rioter flair. Please do not be alarmed if you see this flair on Rioters from here on out.

Thanks! Gimme an old style fist bump one last time.

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