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May 01 2017


ivey opened pull request mauerbac/slack-venmo-integration#1

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May 1, 2017
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fix headers
1 commit with 3 additions and 3 deletions

ivey pushed to patch-1 at ivey/slack-venmo-integration

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May 1, 2017
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ivey pushed to slack at RiotGamesMinions/lefay

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May 1, 2017
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Changes to Riot API - making everything harder for everyone

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So Riot sent an announcement about API endpoints being deprecated and there are several things I don't understand about their moves.

  1. What hits me most is that stats-v1.3 endpoint is going away and not being replaced because apparently, refreshing these stats after every game was too much for the servers. Well that sucks for several reasons:

    • Now there will be no easy way of knowing how many Penta/Quadra/...kills a person got in a season of ranked games, let alone KDA, Winrate, etc...
    • Let's say I want this info from the current ranked season for one player. Instead of submitting one request to the stats API, an app now has to submit one request to the MATCHV3 API to get a list of games played by that player and then it has to submit N requests for timelines of games, where N is the number of ranked games a player played.
      So we are going from one request to (N+1) requests where N can actually be in hundreds. This is 100+ requests for information about ONE PLAYER. How does that even help the servers? You save aggregating data by increasing number of request 100-fold at least? That doesn't make sense to me.
    • And out of all the data that gets transmitted this way, the app uses about 1 % of it, since the rest is meaningless timeline data.
    • Now that the app has this data, it also has to go through ALL the responses and cherry-pick the five stats that it wants. With this, you have to start caching to not hit rate limits, which means a database infrastructure, which means if you're not op.gg or lolking.net, you might as well not try at all. Sad day for small-time developer players.
  2. This seems like a minor point, but if you're removing/changing/deprecating almost all the endpoints, including the way you specify region, why in the hell would you leave league-v2.5 in the old format so apps have to not only migrate, but also keep legacy code around which will change again in a few months? Why not just migrate everything at the same time?

I always thought the API was made for players and players/developers who want to make awesome stuff for the community. Instead, it's "make the API for the current client" and then "by the way, release it to the developers in whatever way the client needs" with apparently no attention to small-time hobby developer players who make the community what it is.

We as developers can't do much, but the players will feel it when their favorite websites will start removing functionality. I am disappointed in you Riot.

(All this is written from the point of view of my small project lolsigs.com with ~800 daily users, which could be an edge case. In any case, I think projects like this are important and Riot should try to make it easier for them to exist and not harder.)

TL;DR; upon request: Riot (incompletely) changed their API specification because of new client and stopped aggregating statistics, forcing each developer to do it instead, which disfavors small-time developers and is going to hurt community in the long run.

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April 27 2017


Science AMA Series : Hi Reddit, we’re Harold Brooks, Adam Clark, Kim Klockow and Patrick Marsh, NOAA scientists in Norman, Oklahoma. We’re here to answer your questions on severe weather research and forecasting. Ask us anything!

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Severe weather touches every state in the U.S. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hail, strong winds and floods are real threats to our property and our lives. NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed works to understand and predict severe weather to help everyone be prepared. We work in the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, which houses scientists from a variety of organizations, including NOAA’s National Severe Storm Laboratory (NSSL) and Storm Prediction Center, as well as the University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies.

Spring has arrived and with it come efforts to study and learn to better predict severe weather like tornadoes. Hazardous Weather Testbed and VORTEX-SE (Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment-Southeast), which are designed to learn more about storms, help improve our abilities and bring you better forecasts. We are ready to answer your questions today from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. about all of it, so ask us anything!

<!-- SC_ON --> submitted by /u/NOAAgov to r/science
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April 20 2017


We're the team that made Xayah and Rakan. Ask Us Anything.

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1:00PM UPDATE - The AMA has officially ended! Probably some Rioters will hang around anyway, though.

Hey it's me your friend League of Legends. I'm a video game. We're gonna do a little AMA right here from 11:00am PST to 1:00pm PST. It's about Xayah and Rakan. They are characters in me.

A whole bunch of folks worked this part of the game. Imma put their names right below here and then you should ask them questions. Try to make your questions as weird as possible.


u/fauxschizzle | u/RiotAmpson | u/the_cactopus | u/Beat_Punchbeef | u/EndlessPillows | /u/riotexgeniar | u/Tysmurph | u/Reav3 | u/RiotLtRandolph | u/Skekses | u/Skeeziks | u/RiotScruffy | u/WAAAARGHbobo | u/RiotBrightmoon | u/DanielZKlein | u/Blaustoise | tktk adding more


Xayah and Rakan Creative Collaboration Documentary: http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/04/creative-collaboration/

Xayah and Rakan Reveals: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-xayah-rakan-reveal

Xayah Champion Spotlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgQfr8bMNN8

Rakan Champion Spotlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYWNOHM1fSk

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April 01 2017


March 27 2017


Found this on the D&D Wiki, and I'm confused

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I'm a relatively new D&D player, with only a few campaigns under my belt, but my roommate recently suggested I look into doing some more creative things with my characters like he used to in 3.5e. I took his advice and started reading.

Then I found this strange homebrew class on the D&D Wiki.


This class looks super fun, but some of the stuff is vague, and I can't find it outside the Wiki. Does anyone have any experience with this concept and can enlighten me?

<!-- SC_ON --> submitted by /u/JPAzS71121 to r/dndnext
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March 19 2017


March 14 2017


March 13 2017


March 12 2017


[SERIOUS SECURITY ERROR] Just logged onto my smurf account, and all my contacts and chat history from my main account are there.

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I triggered this by cancelling my login by accident, and I can now see the chat history of my main account, as well as the summoner names of all the contacts on both accounts.

I could see this as being a serious issue in PC bangs etc., especially with the whole chat history problem!

<!-- SC_ON --> submitted by /u/LeopardofSnow to r/leagueoflegends
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March 08 2017


ivey commented on pull request RiotGamesMinions/lefay#23

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Mar 8, 2017
ivey commented on pull request RiotGamesMinions/lefay#23
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i deleted the whole file but yeah this would have worked too, turns out show storage is even more spammy


ivey pushed to slack at RiotGamesMinions/lefay

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Mar 8, 2017
@</a><a href=ivey" class="gravatar" height="30" src="https://avatars1.githubusercontent.com/u/6?v=3&s=60" width="30" />

Riot admits to accidentally breaking time and space

<!-- SC_OFF -->

In a press conference today, Riot Games admitted that in developing their Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool (DDRT), they had accidentally shattered the time-space continuum. The DDRT is a device to allow for the recovery of LCS game states after a bug has occurred, it works by replaying all of human history up to the point in the game just before the bug occurred and then searching all potential realities in order to find a version of the game without that bug.

"I know this wasn’t the most intuitive way to solve this problem," said Riot Spokesman David "Phreak" Turley, who at various times in the press conference was a man, a woman, a super-intelligent shade of the color blue and Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, "but it seemed a lot easier than messing with the game’s code."

Although Riot had not previously admitted to the mistake, the signs of temporal issues have been evident for some time. The participation in the NALCS of two versions of Cloud 9, including one seemingly flung from the distant past, and the appearance of the entity known only as 'Darth Memeos,' have long raised troubling chronological questions.

The incident that finally drove Riot to admit to their unholy experiments occurred this week, when Team Liquid’s ADC, a gerbil in a highchair, flickered out of existence, and in his place appeared legendary player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. Even more bizarre, this Doublelift claimed to have always been a strong supporter of Liquid and that he had no knowledge of a future commitment to play for rival Team SoloMid.

The damage seems to mostly be limited to North America so far, but incidents are being reported from other leagues. The LCK seems to be caught in a time loop of their two best teams constantly facing off, while in Europe G2 didn’t totally suck in an international tournament.

Phreak/Governor Romney reassured reporters and players that this was only a temporary issue, "it might seem odd to see Midlet or to wonder why a different version of Echofox shows up on even and odd weeks, but our engineers are confident we will soon have temporal stability."

Riot reassured those present that the chronobreak would not affect the 2017 World Championship, as while the gap was closing in all possible realities and timestreams, in none of them did a non-Korean team win.

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March 05 2017


March 01 2017


February 07 2017


ivey pushed to slack at RiotGamesMinions/lefay

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Feb 7, 2017
@</a><a href=ivey" class="gravatar" height="30" src="https://avatars1.githubusercontent.com/u/6?v=3&s=60" width="30" />
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