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January 12 2017


January 11 2017


Wanting to rent a fishing boat

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Hey, a friend and I are making a mobile trip in a couple weeks! We are super excited to play a little golf and fish. We really don't want to pay charter prices. Any suggestions on where to rent a small fishing boat so we can get out on the water a bit?

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January 10 2017


TIL the term "oblidisk" is actually derived from a hyper-genericised trademark formed as a portmanteau of Latin "oblido" (to crush) and English "risk" from its secondary use increasing Yalgeth probability, rather than its usual layman's interpretation of "oblique disk".

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I was recently going through some of the new academic material I picked up in a local garage sale and this fun fact jumped out at me. I would've never considered that increasing the P(Y) would have been the initial purpose, rather than general modern uses (allowing for low-to-mid level Teutonic logic, and the various other quality-of-life improvements their ubiquity has created).

It's from "Applied Physics for Multispacial Encabulation" 10th Ed. from 1988 if anyone wants to cross-reference.

Not sure if anyone else on this sub is particularly interested in Etymosemanticology, but it makes for a good mnemonic for remembering one of the oblidisk's major functions in your rig!

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January 09 2017


January 08 2017


January 06 2017


January 05 2017


January 04 2017


January 03 2017


January 02 2017


What's the cheapest way to acquire current Pokémon anime - Disney XD?

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My daughter wants to start watching Pokémon to go along with her copy of Sun she got for Christmas. Does anyone have suggestions for how to get it on demand?

Not sure if sling orange+ gives me access to the app, but that's the current front runner.

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January 01 2017


December 30 2016


Questions about the Star King

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Since the Star King is canon now, I have questions.

Does anyone have any representations of what he or she looks like? Real opportunity for someone to be the Pepsi of Candlenights here.

Do we pray to the Star King? Or is this purely about presents?

How can I be sure my child is the chosen one? (See question about prayer.)

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December 27 2016


In almost 20 years, Sun/Moon is my FIRST real Pokemon experience! Any advice?

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and I absolutely LOVE IT! I finally see why everyone loves this game, even as a 35 year old. (apologies to my Wonder Trade partners that gave me AWESOME Pokemon for my newb low levels)

however, I do feel a bit lost. I'm on the 2nd island about to fight the Kahuna of the island, but even now I'm just playing with whatever Pokemon I feel either looks cool or just gets the job done in wins.

is going online and studying all the wikis and charts the "proper" way to play this game? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the few not-so-obvious types, weaknessess, and counters. i've also been watching Youtube vids hearing the term "I.V." a lot and what stats are the best and thing like base stats sucking, and then I remember how complex RPGs are.

this is my way of keeping Pokemon: Do I have it? If no, catch it. The end.

apparently there are keepers and losers when catching certain things I still need to figure out. anyway, just wondering if anyone can give me pointers on optimizing my playthrough?

if it helps, I just love collecting all the cool stuff and making sure they're as good as they can be. Like, if your team is already lvl 30+, what in the world do you guys do to make sure you have a Pokemon of EVERY type at the same level in case you need them? will that just take time?

also, I'm that guy who has ZERO idea what he's doing at the Festival Plaza when it comes to guests. Like I can see how everyone is doing, but nothing significant happens passed that. Everyone seems to find my Plaza by accident? I remember finding people to take to different places but they dont pop up anymore. Oh, and I love Poke Pelago! okay this is going on too long. just lovin the game so far! have a good one guys

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How do you organize your keys?

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Title says all. I've been glyphing every portal. Using 'more' every time to get more keys for fielding.

This... I'm not sure if this was a great idea. I bought the keylockers, but I feel like cramming the keys in willy nilly is pretty disorganized, as the "graveyard keys" i need for an onion could end up in 2 or 3 of the lockers.

Do people have a sort if scheme with their capsules or lockers? How do you peeps organize 500+ keys?

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June 09 2015


ivey pushed to hipchat at RiotGamesMinions/lefay

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Jun 9, 2015
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