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Pumped for LoR in 2020

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Yes, it’s another one of those posts.

I’ve never played this genre before, but I pulled the “open 25+ tabs of streams overnight” to get the early access and got hooked.

My first game was against a teemo/puffcap user. I had over 300 puff caps in my deck that never showed up, leaving the opponent spamming emotes when I got my first win. From there on I made my bread and butter deck of Shadow Isle/Ionia, playing on ephemeral and self-inflicted deaths (undying, trickster, chariot, zeds, hec, harrowing, etc). It took until the end of my second beta trial to understand spells, but it was so much fun learning.

My prize memory (aside from the first win, I never was that lucky after) was a game against the Laughing Fish, who I recognized as a frequent poster in the LoL Boards. It got really close, but I got trounced in the end.

GG! Looking forward seeing you all in the next round. :-)

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