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A Dedicated Scan Operator's Fleet

A Dedicated Scan Operator's Fleet <!-- SC_OFF -->

A Scan Operator's Fleet

Greetings. I'd like to share my fleet and the reasoning behind it all for those who may be interested. I plan to focus on scanning/exploration gameplay. As you can see from the image, my fleet consists of three flyable ships (Terrapin, Tracker, and Pisces) and one ground vehicle (Ranger).

The Terrapin is my main scanning/exploring ship. It's the ship I go to dangerous unexplored places in. It is my home away from home. With it I can perform reconnaissance, scan for material resources, navigate and plot jump points, and be the first layer of C&C. Discovering alien civilizations and technology are my motivation. Selling the information or keeping it for myself is how I will make most of my UEC.

The Tracker is my scanning/fighting ship. It's the ship I take out when I need the extra punch that my Terrapin lacks. The plan is to turn it into a dedicated e-war platform by placing a distortion repeater on each wing, a laser repeater on the nose, and EMP, data-spike, and decoy missiles in each bay. With it, I plan to perform reconnaissance and be the eyes and ears of a fighter wing; calling targets, depleting enemy shields, and acting as the second layer of C&C.

The Pisces is my scanning/hauling ship. It's the ship I use to take low risk non-combat missions in UEE space. With 4 scu of cargo space, I should be able to move low quantities of high value products to make UEC. I could also use it to pick up stranded players or transport players from one location to another. It may also prove to be a capable reconnaissance vehicle in certain situations.

The Ranger is a vehicle I travel in when I want to conceal the location of my Terrapin or Pisces. With 1 scu of cargo space, I can also transport small quantities of items with it. It will also be useful in ground reconnaissance.

Finally, with all the experience gained from scanning in these ships, I think I'll be highly qualified to be the Scan Operator aboard anyone's Carrack and can charge a premium for my services.

Thanks for reading. Your thoughts are appreciated. And yes, I'm an Anvil Aerospace fanboy!

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