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Where is new profile 8.9 cog that changes background ?

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So here we have a set of 2 pictures captured by me the morning of 8.9 patch.

on my league client this morning .

On Picture 1 we see what happens when I initially click "PROFILE" . The cog briefly appears and despite any efforts it cannot be clicked .

On Picture 2 we see what happens when the profile is loaded . The cog dissapears and it appears to me that there is no possible way at this point to change your profile background as intented .

I am not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something but here it is .

Server : EUNE


[Riot Gweezlebur]

Hi friends, this feature is being gradually enabled across regions, which is why it’s not available everywhere yet. I don’t have the specific rollout plan to share, but please be patient as the team makes it available. Sorry I don’t have more details, but didn’t want people worried it was bugged and not being addressed. Phased rollout gives us time to track performance in a few regions and make sure we don’t need to tune anything before rolling it out to more regions.

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