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DNF - Dogecoin Node Fund

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What is a node?

Any computer that connects to the Dogecoin network is called a node. Nodes that fully enforce all of the rules of Dogecoin are called full nodes. Most nodes on the network are lightweight nodes instead of full nodes, but full nodes form the backbone of the network.

As you might have noticed the abriviation of Dogecoin Node Fund is also DNF. A abbreviation which also stands for "Did Not Find".

This is exactly what has been happening for a lot of users who recently wanted to sync their core wallets. The network has been totally overloaded recently causing slower syncs.

To reduce the load on the network we need more full nodes (which run 24/7).

Q: And how can we do this? I have no idea how to set up a node!
A: That's no issue. You can just donate to A21B83ucginU3FZExdccvsBiWdvu8i8X8n or to me using /u/sodogetip and I'll use it to finance more nodes. Each node costs 0.03 USD per hour. Which results to $20 a month per node.

Q: How many nodes are you planning on setting up?
A: I'll do some "basic" math to calculate it, and to avoid having to shutdown all nodes at once due to to high costs.

Donations in USD / 0.03 USD (price for one hour of operation) / 24 (amount of nodes we could run for 24h) / 7 (amount of nodes we could run for a month)

10 USD Donations / 0.03 USD = 333.3 (we can run 333.3 nodes for one hour) -> / 24 = 13.8 (we can run 13.8 nodes for a whole day) -> / 7 = 1.98 (we can run 1.98 nodes for a week)

Q: I don't have any funds I can offer. Is there still a way I can personally help?
A: First, you can run a node yourself. All you have to do is have a fully synced core wallet, enable inbound connections in the settings, forward port 22556 in your router. If you see more than 8 connections you were successfull.
If you don't have the ressources to run a core wallet or can't open a port, you can still help by seeding the current bootstrap torrent: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/7p6f2m/dogecoin_bootstrapdat_torrent/

Q: I don't trust you. Can I rent a server myself?
A: Of course you can. Be aware though, that I can only recommend this to you if you're experienced using SSH etc. I even created simple to follow instructions for you: https://github.com/greenbigfrog/dogecoin-bootstrap/wiki/Set-up-node-on-a-VPS

Q: Why should I trust you?
A: You shouldn't!!! Trust no one you meet on the internet!

Q: Why are you organizing the DNF?
A: I care about dogecoin so I started working on this.

Q: Who am I?
A: I'm the owner of the dogecoin discord server (you can find it at https://discord.gg/djVV3HE ) and I've also ran a few crypto tip bots on discord until april this year. Currently I'm finishing up 2.0, so soon there will be a dogecoin tipbot on discord again!

Thanks for taking your time to read this! If you have any further questions feel free to ask them in the comments below. There are no dumb questions!

EDIT: To make the whole process more transparent: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_BmpzA0wbY0NPbFwoGRrDhSv8rsBhrUnhzT7G7jWwVo/edit?usp=sharing

EDIT: I'll be deducting a 2% fee from the donations from now on to pay for the cost I have converting them to USD etc. A lot of hosting providers do accept BTC, but only via payment handlers which require you to pay 2x the tx fee often (eg for a 10 USD deposit, I'd have to pay the payment handler 20 USD fee on top)

EDIT: Changed bootstrap to the latest version (Guide needs to be updated)

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