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Riot admits to accidentally breaking time and space

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In a press conference today, Riot Games admitted that in developing their Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool (DDRT), they had accidentally shattered the time-space continuum. The DDRT is a device to allow for the recovery of LCS game states after a bug has occurred, it works by replaying all of human history up to the point in the game just before the bug occurred and then searching all potential realities in order to find a version of the game without that bug.

"I know this wasn’t the most intuitive way to solve this problem," said Riot Spokesman David "Phreak" Turley, who at various times in the press conference was a man, a woman, a super-intelligent shade of the color blue and Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, "but it seemed a lot easier than messing with the game’s code."

Although Riot had not previously admitted to the mistake, the signs of temporal issues have been evident for some time. The participation in the NALCS of two versions of Cloud 9, including one seemingly flung from the distant past, and the appearance of the entity known only as 'Darth Memeos,' have long raised troubling chronological questions.

The incident that finally drove Riot to admit to their unholy experiments occurred this week, when Team Liquid’s ADC, a gerbil in a highchair, flickered out of existence, and in his place appeared legendary player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. Even more bizarre, this Doublelift claimed to have always been a strong supporter of Liquid and that he had no knowledge of a future commitment to play for rival Team SoloMid.

The damage seems to mostly be limited to North America so far, but incidents are being reported from other leagues. The LCK seems to be caught in a time loop of their two best teams constantly facing off, while in Europe G2 didn’t totally suck in an international tournament.

Phreak/Governor Romney reassured reporters and players that this was only a temporary issue, "it might seem odd to see Midlet or to wonder why a different version of Echofox shows up on even and odd weeks, but our engineers are confident we will soon have temporal stability."

Riot reassured those present that the chronobreak would not affect the 2017 World Championship, as while the gap was closing in all possible realities and timestreams, in none of them did a non-Korean team win.

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