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Racing maps are lacking in level design.

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I'm the biggest SC apologist here but I just haven't been happy with racing. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is great but the level design on the race courses could be a lot better. As a car racing enthusiast, I've noticed that the best race courses in Forza or Gran Turismo have a few characteristics. Good variety of curves and challenges, iconic landmarks to help you remember the course, and great way-finding to make it near impossible to get lost or go off track.

In racing in Arena Commander, you're faced with the same 10 floating assets being used over and over. Occasionally there will be arrows to show you where to go but not always. Often I will fly through a gate and literally have no idea where to go with no visual indication in sight. With few original landmarks to go off of, it's easy to lose place. The only real option for learning the course is to forcefully memorize it after playing 30 times or more. This really turns off the new player. Racing has frustrated me way more than it should. I love flying and I love racing so why isn't this more fun?

If I were designing this track, I'd have it much lower with more identifiable obstacles, more integration with the environment, I want to fly through a cave, around a mountain, between two buildings, up through a column of holographic billboards and then through the starting gate. I'd also put a ridiculous amount of way finding signs around every turn. Think a more arial version of the old star wars pod racing track.

Rant over. I still love you CiG.

EDIT: Predictably, this post got downvoted to hell but a big thanks to the awesome people who showed up and posted their thoughts.

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