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January 19 2020


How I stopped hating condoms

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I'm a middle aged man. I always used condoms even though I never liked them but I've always been terrified of catching child support payments or a disease. Look at the cost of a big box of rubbers compared to the cost of diapers and baby formula for a month. Condoms are worth it even when I hated them.

I had several issues with condoms over the years. Initially, my main issue was that they kept breaking on me(this was in the late 80s and early 90s). At the time I didn't understand why. I eventually found Crowns that were made in Japan. I never had a Crown break but like other condoms ,when they didn't break, were uncomfortable and didn't feel so great during sex but I accepted it for birth control and minimizing the chances of catching an STD.

A lot longer than I care to admit after the internet came around and was established I revisited my issues with condoms and did some investigation and found out most of my problems were due to using the wrong size condoms and not using lubricant properly. Sounds stupid but I didn't know you could put extra lube inside the condom to increase sensation and make it feel better without affecting efficacy. My previous issues with breakage, discomfort and sensation was because drug store condoms weren't the correct size for me. I focused on length and all the condoms I found were fine in that regard so I thought they fit but there is another metric thats just as important.....circumference.

I found from online condom shops that different brands had different length and circumferences and that info helped a bit till I found one shop that was offering semi-custom sized condoms. That was the turning point for me with condoms. I got a condom with the closest fit in length and circumference that they offered and this was also when I learned about properly using lubricant(previously I just used what on the condoms or some saliva).

I've been through several condom companies over the years as in the past they would go out of business and a new one would replace it. Right now I use myonecondom brand but there are a few others that all offer a measuring guide and a wide selection of sizes(much wider selection than when I initially discovered sizing). I highly suggest looking for one and try to find the best fit.

Its not perfect. Nothing beats bareback but you can eliminate some downsides to condoms and minimize others. For me proper sized condoms and a slick silicone based lube(provided my partner isn't allergic) added inside the condom before I put it on makes them feel much better all around in comfort and sensation. Its the best /safest compromise for me. Hope this helps someone.

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January 18 2020


Kaladin stood in the rain. “Do you know where the King’s Wit is?” “That fool, Dust? Not here, blessedly. Why?”

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I’m doing a reread of the stormlight archive (again) to see if there’s anything I haven’t noticed. This quote here is near the one of WoR, and Kaladin is talking to Vasher/Zahel. He mentions Hoid, who Zahel refers to as Dust. How do they know each other? Is there any other time Hoid is called that?

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Control player here, which deck/factions should I progress early?

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Pretty much title. Super hyped for the game but didn't get access to the early Betas and thus wasn't interested to check out the cards in detail. Always preferred control, combo or fatigue decks in CCGs. Which decks would fit me and which factions should I progress first for this?

Thanks in advance!

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January 17 2020


Buffalo July 4, 1989 is on Prime. Brent is killing it.

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Brent and Jerry are eye fuckin' again.

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January 16 2020


Matt's Citizen of the Star streams

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I wanted to give a big shoutout to Matt for streaming Star Citizen, as much as I miss (and really want) seeing The Chain or the castle building I'm happy to see this content. Being a backer since the early days of Star Citizen I'm always happy to see a wider audience be brought into the fold and more people reached via Matt's stream. It's a nice change from the regular scheduled programming and just thought it might be nice mentioning it. 🙂

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January 15 2020


How much money am I contributing to the Chinese economy by purchasing Riot products?

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I posted this question in the LoR sub but the mod said it would be more appropriate here.

Hi, sorry for the provocative title, but I'm genuinely curious about this and have very little knowledge of macroeconomics.

I know that Riot is a company based in America, but it is wholly owned by Tencent, a Chinese company. If I spend a dollar on LoR, how much of that money will be going to China vs the US?

I thought the answer to this would be pretty simple--it's a Chinese company, so the money would go to China--but I've heard random anecdotes about it being better for the American economy to buy Japanese brand cars than American because they're manufactured in the US, whereas many American brands are not. Obviously Riot is a software company and therefore doesn't have much consumer manufacturing, so I don't know how relevant that anecdote is here.

If this isn't the right sub for this question, please point me in the correct direction.

Before you say things like "well I hope you don't have a smartphone because it was made in China," please note that there is a world of difference in how necessary a smartphone is to my daily life, compared to a digital card game. I have much greater freedom of choice here.

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January 14 2020


January 12 2020


Hello to the riot employee that is excited to see fans of the game excited :)

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Hello hello hello

Your game is the first game I waited in this much impatience since hearthstone's beta release. You have a really nice game right now. Just saying.


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January 09 2020


League of Legends Season 2020 Cinematic

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If you're a LOR fan you should definitely check out this Cinematic. It features 3 champions from LOR (Ezreal/Lux/Garen) and features Demacia/Freljord,Piltover/Zaun and Void regions (The void is actually a potentially future LOR region which is pretty cool.) There is also cool scenes of stuff which appears in LOR, like Elite Demacian soldiers, Ezreal's Mystic shot, etc.

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Will an account that’s Permabanned in LoL also be banned in LoR?

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Not banned or anything, just curious

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January 08 2020

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