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October 10 2019


Liar's Night Wave 1 Wandering Monsters

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My experience last night with one of the encounters was pretty cool.

I dropped the Pumpkimp into my second session of Descent into Avernus.

The party was very curious about what it was but, unsurprisingly, one of the characters decided to kick the pumpkin.

Thus the battle began, and it went from an expectation of something silly to something a tad more intense.

After a couple of fire loogies and one flame belch the mood at the table grew a bit more somber and some tactics ensued.

They were able to defeat the baddie without any casualties, and even the most injured of the party enjoyed the encounter. Be ready to tone the thing down for very low level characters. The pumpkimp deals a *lot* of damage. This is not an encounter to throw at a group worn down by previous encounters.

One of them said "Wow, that was scary." That makes it a winner of an encounter for me, especially because the players talked about the fire-booger spewing pumpkin after the game.

Next week I shall use the second encounter.

I can't wait for the second wave!

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October 08 2019


The Avernus Dice package

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I know it's been said before but if you are wondering if you should get it, get it! Really impressed across the board. The box itself is very sturdy, the felt gives the dice roll such a satisfying sound. The art is top notch, such beautiful handouts. I'll be handing these devil/demon cards out if the PCs do research whole in candlekeep, otherwise I'll hold onto them until they get into Avernus.

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October 07 2019


October 05 2019


October 01 2019


Trying my hardest to make it, but I'm new and haven't eaten in days. Working long hours and need advice on where to go after work for help.

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I'm in a really bad place and I figured I'd make an account and ask you guys, As im all out of ideas.

Moved here in August for a 18 month contract as a systems control engineer. The company that hired me wound up breaching their contract tract withIntel and went belly-up, leaving me screwed.

I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and used almost all my savings to move here, so I had to sell all my stuff to make it. I found a new job, though!!!

What sucks is that I'm working 12 hour shifts for the next 6 days and I don't get my first check until the 11th. I haven't eaten since Sunday night.

I've looked up applying for emergency food stamps, I called my only family left to see if they'd PayPal/venmo/cashapp me enough to make it(was told this was God acting in my life to make me see that living with my ex was sin and that they couldn't help), I eventually broke down on Thursday and called 2-1-1.

They directed me to a few places that could help, but every single one wanted me to show up during the day and there's no way possible I can get anywhere unless it's before 6:30am or after 6:30pm.

I'm running out of ideas of what to do and figured you all may have a suggestion on where to go.

Thanks for reading and sorry to be such a downer.

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DDAL perks for Extra Life donations! (aka Shameless Self Promotion!)

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Given my current tiny obsession with Untitled Goose Game, I've added another DDAL reward to my Extra Life Campaign, for an Untitled Goose Cert, aka a chaotic goose animal companion/familiar.


I've ALSO added the glitter elemental, and two more Bork!, Unicorn, and Our Lady of Sparkles warlock pact certificates.

Overview of offerings:

-- Cozy Cardigan of Make-Believe
-- Untitled Goose Cert
-- Sparkle companion
-- Colorful animal friends
-- Blink pupper
-- Super rainbow flying powers
-- Fancy design-your-own animal friend
-- Pact of the Swedish Chef (unlocks The Chef from Minsc & Boo's Stuff and Things as AL-legal warlock patron) (2 available)
-- Pact of the Unicorn (Still a work in progress but let's put the pressure on to finish it up) (2 available)
-- Pact of Our Lady of Sparkles (I will personally act as your warlock patron) (5 available)

Still to come:
-- DDAO-38 The Green Isle via Roll20 (I'm still sorting out Roll20 while waiting on commissioned art assets)!

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September 30 2019


September 29 2019


September 28 2019


September 27 2019

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