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November 12 2019


No access yet? Come try the game with me during beta!

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Hi Reddit,

I am Kouf, a french gamer that was fortunate enough to get invited during the last closed beta and I had a blast. This time I would like to share this experience with those who didn't get an invite yet.

I will be streaming the game on twitch, and I would like to invite people to play the game with me.

How? I'll call you on discord, make the deck you want to try, and then simply follow your lead during the game so it will be as if you were playing it, except that I will be the one holding the mouse.

If that sounds like something you want to try, please fill this quick google form to let me know when you could join me, that way I can see how many people would like to join me, and create a schedule ahead of time to make everything easier for everyone involved.

Players from all around the world are welcome to join, but I will only be able to speak with you in English or French.

Cheers guys, and good luck with the drops!

ps : not sure if linking my twitch is allowed so i'll leave that out; i'm just trying it out for the moment to set things up anyway and will most likely be speaking french while i'm getting used to streaming, unless some of you guys come say hello.

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November 11 2019


November 06 2019


November 05 2019


November 04 2019


5e DnD Needs New Players

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A long running local game is seeking out new players to replace those moving on beyond Mobile. We're adults in our 30s, we play on Saturday nights, we're generally a relaxed and open-minded group, and we're happy to take new players. If you're interested, please send me a DM with a little about yourself. I'm happy to answer any questions as well.

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November 03 2019


November 02 2019


Listen guys!

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So I just found out I’m cancer free the other day! I am so excited and I want to attempt to start the next new chapter of my life as a pro runeterra player! I already stream 8-10 hours everyday so I’m so hype since I literally can’t do much else till my body recovers. I love all of you and I hope to snatch up that trophy one day and get into twitch rivals if I get noticed! Love you all enjoy your night.

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November 01 2019


October 31 2019


PSA: You cannot get access to the game right now. Any Twitch streamers claiming to have drops on their channel at this time are being dishonest.

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Just title.

There are many channels in the Legends of Runeterra category with titles claiming that if you AFK in there you can earn access for your account.

This is untrue and simply an attempt to get views. Under the stream title and game listing, there will be a note telling you drops are enabled for channels where this is true.

Example of a Modern Warfare stream with drops enabled.

Example of LoR stream claiming to have drops.

Once the second Preview Event starts you'll get another chance at getting in, and if you had access to the first Preview, you'll automatically have access to this one. Just don't waste your time with a scam here.

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Happy Founder's Day!

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Recently found out that it's Founder's Day apparently so Happy Founder's Day to everyone! and Happy Halloween!

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October 29 2019


Thinking about volunteering

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Hi Everyone. I'm a former Girl Scout but I didn't go very far (involved for a few years in elementary school). My mom actually lead my older sister's troop and we all had a lot of fun with it.

Currently I am 23 and have no kids and a full-time job that doesn't take up a lot of time and I want to get involved. I have a ton of free time on the weeknights and weekends. I was thinking of volunteering with the Girl Scouts either as a co-leader or in some other way. I have been browsing the website for volunteer opportunities but it keeps crashing. I wanted to get some more personal feedback before I decide.

Is being a co-leader something that you would advise? My mom has since passed so I can't ask her how she handled being a leader or what to expect. Is there anything about it that you really dislike? Or are there other volunteer positions that you would recommend instead? Thanks in advance!

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The Shoals Film Society is hosting a screening of George A. Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD for its inaugural event this Wednesday (Oct 30) at 7:00 PM

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At the Zodiac Playhouse on Court St. Tickets $8 at the door.

I am not affiliated with this group, just saw the event on Facebook.


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